4th Edition: the fashion revolution

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From the 20th to the 26th of April 2020, it's the 'fashion revolution', a worldwide event to promote a more sustainable fashion.

For this occasion, we wanted to answer to our customer question: WHO MADE MY CLOTHES?

At Where is Marlo what boosts us is the desire to be actors of a world and a future that we consider better! We are not perfect and we cannot control everything [the stakes and the participants are far too numerous in the different stages of the confection] but we deeply believe we can do better and we work on it each day!

The manufacturing of the fabrics, the coloring, the printing, the embroidery, the cutting and the assembling, all these steps are done in the region of Porto in Portugal, thanks to our coordinator Beatriz, an efficient and human gem in our eyes!

A small part of our fabrics are made in Italy because Portugal is mainly specialized in knitting fabrics.

The materials and accessories are carefully chosen according to sustainability criterias (certified or recycled).

For the future, we will try to improve the quality criterias and also work on a better use of the fabric overstocks.

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