3rd EDITON': Always cheaper but at what price?

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For nearly 20 years, the globalization and digitization of the clothing trade  have greatly impacted the level of distributor selling prices! And to face intense competition, they compete with each other with recurring sales promotions to hold on. 


In Europe, fashion has become a leisure purchase: we buy a lot more than 20 years ago and at very low prices! The quality can be bad, whatever ... we throw it away when we don't want it anymore and we replace it immediately!


At the level of brands and retailers, it is very very difficult to get out of this rhythm and this infernal price dynamic:

Quality is neglected in favor of the production price

Synthetic materials (pollutants) at lower price are preferred to limit costs

The resources (human and ecological) of the poorest countries are being abused to limit the cost price

Retailers use [and abuse from] promotions to push the purchase by focusing on the volume of sales and no longer on the margins (overproduction!)


In Europe, for example, products from Asia, South America and Africa can be imported at very low prices, at very low quality and causing a great deal of damage to nature and humans, without faith or law! 


Today, more and more emerging brands want to change things and get back to the essence of what fashion should be: a useful product, timeless, carefully created, quality, eco-friendly and with a fair and correct initial price that will not be on sale after 3 months of existence on the market!  


To make this change happen, it is  essential for us consumers to re-evaluate the value of clothing by asking us questions during our purchases: do I really need it? will I wear it for a long time? is it quality? is it fast fashion? where and how is it made? is it responsible? who sells it and what are the values ​​of the seller? 

Because choosing consciously a product is also to actively choose the trade and the world that we want tomorrow! 


That editorial is a point of view that we wanted to share with you... We look forward to responding to your opinions, remarks, questions etc ..! 

Anne-Sophie, creator of Where is Marlo

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