2nd Edition: our New Year resolutions

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Here we are...


During the festive season we tried to slow down a bit, to stay away from social networks, to leave you in peace. We didn’t want to tempt you with unnecessary material things but let you go back to basics and simply give you some family time.


Now that the Christmas Holiday is behind us, our little ones are back at school, work is slowly starting again…

… here at Where is Marlo, we have a tricky question…




We would love to say SAAAAAAAAAAALES because honestly, we have a few pieces left… and we can also see that the whole world is doing it… so realistically 'who would want to buy a full price product in January???'


But a little voice is telling us… still… our products are the same as a month ago, the quality is still there, they’re still beautiful [to us anyway] don’t you think? Why sell products for 3 months at a price we deem fair and reasonable to then offer you 50% off the following day and create a situation which benefits nobody [apart from the customer of course].


Isn’t this the biggest ecological and human issue with textiles? Fast-fashion at rock bottom prices… But where is the real value of things… price, price… at all cost and at what price??


Sooooo… so we decided to compromise, for you, for us, on this occasion… offering you staggered discounts on new items, reasonable for us, for you and for our planet <3.

Stay tuned, our very special offers will soon be found at whereismarlo.com!


We are taking this opportunity to tell you that in 2019, we have decided to do things a little differently, to get even closer to our values but also closer to you and our planet [sorry to repeat ourselves]….


We’ll produce slower and in limited editions so we can improve our stock management.

We’ll sometimes choose end of line fabrics so we don’t need to produce more.

We’ll carry on searching out more eco-friendly material.

We’ll give you more info about quality and price, who made it and where.

We’ll change the pace of our collections so that our products keep their style and value for longer.


Basically, we’ll do our best to offer you stylish but timeless items which are quality and lasting, all produced with care while managing our stock to avoid waste and stock clearance, the two things which are changing the textile world nowadays.


But that’s not all! We have kept the best for the end, in 2019, we’re cooking up new items for women!



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