GREEN time

It is 4 years now since we embarked on the Where is Marlo adventure, more importantly, 4 years seeing day after day how selling clothes and accessories are having an increasingly detrimental impact on living creatures and nature!

Because of this, we have decided to talk to you about it occasionally, not to make you buy from Where is Marlo, nor to make you feel guilty! We just wanted to share with you what we have noticed in the past, discovered day by day, tell you about “how it’s made”, the impacts and problems but also the solutions…just from time to time!

  • 2nd Edition: our New Year resolutions
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    Here we are...


    During the festive season we tried to slow down a bit, to stay away from social networks, to leave you in peace. We didn’t want to tempt you with unnecessary material things but let you go back to basics and simply give you some family time.


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  • First Edition, 'GREEN time': RIVERBLUE
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    [ Post in french, mother tongue of Marlo, please use translation tools]
    Pour cette première 'minute GREEN',  on commence par un film, RIVERBLUE, qu'on vient de voir et qui illustre plutôt bien ce...

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